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Beginning II Astrology Classes

4 week class. Dave Gunning, Astrologer and Teacher.   


Dave has been an Astrologer for over 30 years, teaching at The Theosophical Society and at many of the Spiritual Centers around the Chicagoland area. He brings his knowledge and expertise to the classroom. 


Many students of Astrology understand the meaning of the symbols for the signs, houses, planets and aspects but when they see them all together in relationship to one another in a birth chart they have a difficult time interpreting what it all means. If you feel that you are at this level then this class will help you with basic chart interpretation. In this four week class we will have fun combining the basic elements in Astrology. We will also look at some keys of interpretation and rules to follow when combining planetary energies. In week four we will look at how planets in transit and progression affect the natal chart.

Just bring your pen and notebook! There will be several books I will recommend, and handouts from week to week. The book “ASTROLOGY, A COSMIC SCIENCE” by Isabel Hickey is not only a good book on basic interpretation but has some sound spiritual principles.


10-27-16 ~ week 1

11-03-16 ~ week 2

11-10-16 ~ week 3 location TBD

11-17-16  ~ week 4