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Trance Channel Sessions with Trance Medium Patty Horton

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

Patty Horton is a Trance Medium and on this day she will go into a full Trance State and allow her Spirit Guide to blend their energy fully with her own as she allows the Entity to entrance her. This simply means that Patty will allow the entity to use her body and her voice to speak to each of you who sit before the entity and answer a question of your own choosing.

Please know that this is a bond and a trust that she has created between herself and the Sprit World over the years of doing this work as she simply gets out of the way and becomes the vessel through entrancement for the messages to flow through. She will give up a sense of control so to speak as she surrenders to the process to allow this sacred part of herself to be revealed.

For years Patty has been working with the Spirit Guides and Master Teachers as a way to give those who sit with and before her for a reading clarity upon their own path in life. She has always incorporated a light state of trance to come through in her readings as she speaks to her clients in words that are not her own.

What to expect:

  1. You will see a shift, a transformation from Patty’s normal state of being as the entity entrances her. This can range from mild to animated as it depends upon who steps forth.

  2. Patty has no control on which entity will step forth as she just steps aside so to speak to allow entrancement to happen.

  3. The entities that work with Patty are from the highest of vibrations called The Council of Nine so no fear of a negative entity appearing as this is the agreement made between her and the spirit world.

  4. You will each get a chance to sit before her in this state of entrancement and ask a question of your own personal choosing be it on a soul’s level or a personal one. Keep your question one tiered please.

  5. No video tapping or recording by any of the participants is allowed yet know that Patty will be recording this session as all rights are reserved by her to do so.

  6. Before we begin there will be a Q&A Session to give you any clarification on what Trance is and how it works and what to expect.

  7. There will be a given set of instructions before the session starts as a sense of order is required to move everyone throughout this process while Patty is in a Trance State.

So with that being said Patty wants you all to know that Trance is a sacred part of her own soul’s journey and it is an honor to have her join us with this public offering as she channels for all of you on this day.

All that is asked of you is that you come to the session with an opened mind and a loving heart as you share in this sacred space and World of Trance Mediumship.

Gallery is Limited to 10 Participants Only no Exceptions!!!

The best way to reserve your seat is to prepay as the seating is very limited and you can do this directly with The Gathering Lighthouse.

$35.00 per person