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Soul Cards Series..Learn how to open up more fully to your psychic abilities

  • The Gathering LIghthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

Please join Patty over the next 4 weeks as she teaches you how to open up more fully to your own psychic abilities through the use of Soul Cards. This class has been created as a way to help you connect more fully and on a regular basis with your spirit guides and teachers. You will learn that guidance is only a breath away as you learn the importance of a daily practice and discipline through using Soul Cards that will be initiated by you.

What are Soul Cards you ask?  They are a deck of cards that are used to help inspire you. They will help to tune you into your own inner wisdom and creativity through automatic writing as you tune into your own guidance. Pretty cool right….Not only will you learn to trust yourselves and what is delivered to you, you will also begin to build a solid platform of communication with your own guides and teachers.

What you will learn over the course of this class

Becoming comfortable and familiar with your deck of Cards

The importance of a daily discipline and practice

An understanding as to how these cards will be the portal to your own guidance

Learning to trust the information given

Understanding that one card can have multiple meanings

How to tune into the Spirit World as you build a more solid relationship with your own guides and teachers

Using the cards to read for yourself and others

During your time together Patty will discuss some different spreads to use along with guided information given to Patty years ago from her own guides and teachers. She will be sharing their wisdom with you as a way to teach you within the classroom from her own experience. She will be sharing one of her most sacred tools of the trade with you as she gently guides you to learn, trust and grow on your own.

What to Expect from this Class

Working independently

Working with partners

Working with spreads

Learning how to allow the cards to tell the story

Weekly homework assignments

All levels of expertise are welcomed to the classroom as Patty will be teaching something new and different to everyone over the course of this 4 week period. She will share with you the beauty of this deck along with how she has used it to grow more fully into her own gifts. She will gift to you her knowledge and wisdom so that you too can grow more fully into your own and teach you how to use these cards to gain guidance for your everyday lives.

What you will need for Class

A journal to write within, don’t show up to class without it

A deck of Soul Cards by Deborah Koff Chapin….She has two decks either are fine for the class and can be purchased on Amazon

An open mind and a loving heart

I recommend the full course as there is much to learn yet we welcome those who may just like to drop in and check it out for a day.

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