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Pendulum Workshop Psychic Development Class

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

Pendulum Workshop Psychic Development Class

Please join Medium and Spiritual Teacher Patty Horton as she guides you through a fun evening of self-discovery. If you have ever been interested in connecting with the spirit world on your own this is one of many different ways to go direct as you develop your own psychic abilities. Working with the Pendulum not only will assist you in gaining insights into your own life you can also use the Pendulum to read for others as well. It is after all one of the many different tools to be used in the development of your own psychic abilities.

What to expect from this class
1. Learn how to work with the pendulum in a class setting
2. Learn how to charge the pendulum with your own energy
3. Learn how to connect to your own yes and no answers
4. Learn clearing techniques for your pendulum
5. Be opened to working in pairs with your peers in the classroom
6. Learn how to trust in the guidance given

In this class I will teach each of you how to work with the pendulum so that you can begin this journey of connecting to your own Spirit Guides & Teachers while developing your own psychic abilities. The connection will be made through a guided group meditation at the beginning of class to develop a rapport with your own guidance.

In this class we will be working individually to gain access to what our own yes and no answers look like as we also establish a rapport with our own pendulum on this day. I will teach you how to charge it with your own energy as well as clear your pendulum when necessary. You will then be divided into pairs as we gain insight for others in the classroom. I will teach you the difference between gaining access to answers for yourself and what is required to gain access to the information for others. You will be both the reader and the sitter as you experience both ends of the spectrum as we have some fun working with the Pendulum on this day.

What you will need for class:
1. A journal or writing pad to write within along with a pen
2. An open mind and a willingness to learn