• The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States

Shake it off!  How many times have you heard that?

So, what’s stopping you, let’s do it – Shake it off & Shake it out!

Imagine gathering in a room with other people – all arriving from different places & spaces, willing & ready to take a journey into connection & discovery…of SELF, through the practice of authentic free-form movement.

We’ll dance a 5-Rhythms inspired (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness) Wave Dance of eclectic music as we invite self-discovery through the organic unfolding of our dance, moving freely & breathing intentionally to music created to transport us from our minds into our hearts.  Allowing our bodies to freely express our thoughts, feelings & Emotions (Energy in Motion)…into movement.  Dancing Consciousness, showing YOUR body love & moving into more of YOU!

This is a judgement free zone; your full expression is invited.  Come dive deep into what is alive in you in this heart centered moving meditation.  Ground into Mother Earth & connect with Spirit.  This is a free-form guided dance wave, that is held in a sacred space of being present with yourself & your body.

Warm-up Intro & Opening Circle7:00-7:30p


Share & Closing Circle8:30-9:00p

No experience necessary!!  ALL ages & fitness levels welcomed!!  All forms for movement are encouraged-while also honoring the space of others in the room!!

Dress comfortably to move-barefoot, socks or appropriate barefoot-like dance shoes.

Remember your H2O!!

No heavy fragrances or chemicals & keep cell phones turned off during dance.  No pictures!

Facilitated by Laura Star Cruse


Laura Star Cruse Bio

Laura Star believes that, through the Divine Creator’s breath of Life, you are your own creator and all healing can only come from YOU, being in a space of open-mind, non-resistance, a complete allowing of your Higher Self to give you the healing it knows is best & being ready to release any limitations, conditioning, traumas, and beliefs that keep you in the cycles of suffering and dis-ease-ment and away from your Higher Divine Self. 

She has come as a galactic volunteer in this lifetime to aid in the raising of vibration & consciousness of mankind, channel, transform, hold the space, & shine her light allowing others to see the light in themselves.

Laura Star is a certified practitioner in the modalities of: Massage, Reiki Master, Craniosacral, Spiritual Surgery, Akashic Record Readings, DNA Activation & Transformation, Divine Matrix Healing & Connection, 12 Lightbodies Connection & Activation

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