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The Art of Picture Readings with Medium Patty Horton

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

A picture tells a story as they say and gazing upon a picture is a great way to gather information about the living and the dead. This class is going to be all about what the reader sees within the photograph which will come from an energetic wave of information using your gift of sight.
How it works is like this, the information gathered by the reader will be relevant to the person in the photograph that they are holding in their hand. The information is then relayed to the sitter who knows all about the person that the readers find themselves gazing upon at that time.
This is what is called “Tuning In” and that which becomes important when doing any type of a reading. Patty will teach you the importance of this aspect when doing a reading and will help assist you in finding that connection for yourselves.
During your time together, Patty will lead you through a series of exercises as she helps you to prepare for the picture readings that you will do in the classroom.
She will teach you how to center yourselves and to become anchored within your own power. She will then guide you to the next step of becoming open so that you can begin to receive that informational flow.
A picture reading is another form of psychometry as you tune in on an energetic level. This is where you will begin to pick up the information needed for the reading by focusing on the person in the photograph before you.
Patty will take you one step further as you will each invoke the full presence of those dearly departed souls. This is where you will invite them in and ask that they blend their energy with your own. The blending is where you will tune in on a different level and open the doorway for spirit communication.
This class is going to be fun and interactive as you get the opportunity to do a psychic reading and a mediumship reading through the use of a photograph!!!!
This class will teach you how to work with the Clair’s on an individual level as you invoke sight, sound and that feeling sense within you.
What you will need for class:
1. Two photographs, one of a living person and one of a departed soul.
***Please make sure that you can validate the information about the pictures that you bring along, this is very important for these exercises!!!!
2. A journal to write within
3. An open mind and a loving heart
4. The ability to work in a group setting.

This class is open to all levels and will be taught from a place of simplicity. This is where each person will gain a greater understanding of where they are in their own development…..

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