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Are you a Medium? Masterclass with Medium Patty Horton

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 N. Park Ave Lombard, IL. 60148 (map)

Are you a Medium???? Masterclass with Medium Patty Horton

Let’s explore the different aspects of mediumship together and see where your strengths lie within the gift itself.
Patty is looking forward to teaching you that
• Mediumship is Multifaceted
She is going to assist you in a way that will shatter the paradigm that teaches you, mediumship can only be one way. It was through Patty’s own journey and years of studies, experimentation, and self-discovery that she found this to be true for herself. In this new era that we find ourselves within it becomes the perfect opportunity to break away from those old belief systems.
This is where you get to explore how mediumship has evolved throughout the ages. It is a great opportunity for the souls who harness the gift of mediumship to learn how to evolve along with it in the Age of Aquarius.
Let’s discover together
• A clearer understanding of Mediumship
• Where you are at in your own abilities
• How the Clair’s play a part

Patty will teach you the difference between
• Speaking for the discarnate souls
• Speaking for the guides and teachers
• What it means to be a Soul reader
This is the time to see, understand and navigate your own gift of mediumship and to know….
• Is it birthed from the heart of the healer?
• Is it my natural born ability?
• Is it something that I desire to develop?
• How do I develop it more fully?

Join Medium Patty Horton for this ground-breaking class on Mediumship and discover the Medium within you.
All levels are welcomed to the class, yet we will be working with some advanced techniques during our time together….
What you will need for Class:
• A Journal to write within
• An open mind and a loving heart