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The Healer Path = Part 2 - Practice

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

So Maybe you think you are called to do some healing but you aren't sure what is involved. Come and learn in this non-threatening and affordable workshop.

You may carry Healer Energy whether you realize it or not. The power resides within everyone to facilitate energetic healing on behalf of one’s self, others, pets, plants, environments, and even at a universal cosmic level.

Assisting ourselves and others to heal is the ultimate act of love; healing others is the ultimate act of compassion.

This is a two-session series which cover healing basics in a rapid and condensed format. If you have no background in healing attend the first class where we will focus on answering all your burning questions. Whether you have prior training and experience is not unimportant.

What you need to attend this series is simply an intention to participate.

This series is perfect for anyone who is interested in learning how energy healing works, anyone who is considering taking Reiki or other types of healing classes, and even for practitioners who want more experience or who need a refresher.

The format for this program will be as follows: · Welcome and brief introductions · Short centering activity · Review of topic agenda · Discussion and sharing of concepts related to the topic of focus · Exercises/activities.

Session 1 – Intuitive healer basics: Concepts will include a discussion to review: what is healing, who is a healer, how energy healing works, heart-centered intention, sensing energy, sending energy, receiving energy, self-healing, and seated chair exercises. Your responsibilities as a healer, asking permission, sending healing to others, relevant exercises.

Session 2 – Distance healing Practice: Begin with a quick review of prior concepts, the quantum field, healing from a distance – sending energy to others, to pets, to environments, etc. as seated exercises. Working on a table: Begin with a quick review of prior week’s concepts, working on clients on a flat surface, opening, balancing, closing energy centers, scanning the aura, polarity balancing, meridians, and acupressure points.

$35 each session - You must attend Part 1 to attend Part 2

1. Please bring a journal to record your observations and notes.

2. Your facilitator for this program is Cyn (Cindy Pruitt).