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Transition Your Life Through Transforming Your Handwriting

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

After this workshop you will begin to understand the handwriting of others; you will be able begin to characterize your own handwriting using various points of analysis. Why would anyone be concerned about handwriting?

Among all the unique characteristics of a human being, handwriting carries the richest information to gain the insights into the physical, mental and emotional state of the writer. An examiner uses many different sources to detect changes. Handwriting’s distinctive individuality makes this, like fingerprints, one of the few definitive unique characteristics available to an examiner. Most of us learn how to write at a young age in a fairly consistent manner by copying examples of letters and words; therefore, at first our writing looks like anyone else’s. Many of these writing habits carry over to our adult years. However, over the years, the knowledge of how to write becomes more subconscious, and we each develop different unique nuances in our writing (and hand printing) individual characteristics that differentiate one person’s handwriting from another’s. The way we write becomes quite difficult to disguise. Activity to practice: Participants will be begin to make identification of samples using the following criteria: Line quality; Spacing of words and letters; Ratio of relative heights, width, and size of letters.

Presenter: Steve Cohen RN, CRNI, MSN, CH