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Heal the Healers

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

If you are like so many Lightworkers in the world, you may find that you are always helping others.  However, you may also find that you are giving so much of your time and energy, that you begin to feel out of balance, fatigued and end up distancing yourself from the world.  So, why such a strong contrast, you may ask? Simply put, YOU are all about ENERGY. When we, as healers (regardless if you call yourself a healer or not) feel depleted, our vibration wants to immediately rise up.  First, our bodies go into protective mode, hence the reason you eventually want to run for the hills and hide away from others! When you heal others (either by counseling a friend, or actual hands on healing) you absorb their pain and suffering, which is a low vibration or heavy energy (the opposite of what our souls take as truth).  Grounding yourself and shielding yourself will help to some extent, however, if there is no exchange, the scales will be out of balance.  There needs to always be a give and receive relationship with others and yourself in order to stay centered and balanced within this world and within your gift. 

Class taught by: Julia Klegerman-Moustafhim