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Mediumship Reading Circle a 4 Week Series with Medium Patty Horton

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

Patty is so excited to be offering this 4 week series that will break down the reading process into 3 parts:
1. Clairvoyance…Your Ability to See Clearly the Images delivered to you from the Spirit World during a reading
2. Clairaudience….Your Ability to Hear and Understand Spirits Voice during a Reading
3. Clairsentience……Your Ability to Feel Spirits Presence in the form of Emotions and Impressions
4. On the final week all aspects will be brought together for a full reading with one of your peers in the classroom that will incorporate all 3 aspects so that a well-roun...ded reading is delivered to your sitter.

What you will be working on:
1. The ability to understand your guides and teachers calling cards
2. The ability to understand the difference between Mediumship and Psychic Abilities
3. How to comfortably shift between the guides and teachers and those who have crossed over.
4. Evidential Mediumship

Patty really looks forward to teaching you the ability to bring forth the guides and teachers during your readings as well as those whom have crossed over. During your time together she hopes to teach you the unique ability to incorporate all facets of mediumship during a reading which she feels is an important part of being a medium. The medium is not only responsible for delivering evidence to the sitter, you must understand that the evidence is only one single aspect of mediumship. You will learn in this class that the medium must also get to the heart of the messages of those whom have stepped forth during the reading process as they do not just show up to say hello or that I love you. There is always a message attached to their visits and this will be covered and explored in the classroom.
Patty will also give to you her own understanding of mediumship and how it works for her so that you can amplify what already exists within you. She will teach, share and assist you to incorporate some of the techniques taught to you during the four weeks that you will spend together. You will also be doing some advanced techniques within this classroom as we dive right into the reading process.

Week #1: Clairvoyance……Which is the process of seeing clearly the pictures, symbolism and any images that are being given to you during your time as the channel. This will be the only focus when reading in class this week as we separate and break apart our mediumship.
Week #2: Clairaudience……Which is the process of clear hearing and you will deliver to the sitter all things heard. This will be the only focus when reading in class this week as we separate and break apart our mediumship.
Week #3: Clairsentience……Which is clear feeling. This is where you get to tap into the feelings given to you by the spirit person or the guides in the Spirit World and deliver those feelings to the sitter. This will be the only focus when reading in class this week as we separate and break apart our mediumship.
Week #4: We will incorporate all 3 aspects as you do a full reading for the sitter. You will get to allow the information to flow from all directions to and through you as you deliver a well-rounded reading. This is the week that we will put it all back together and allow things to flow in a natural way.

What you will need for Class:
1. A Journal to write within….Don’t show up to class without it!!!
2. Homework Assignments that must be completed each work as we progress through this process. One will be given at the end of each class.
3. Recommended but not required to participate in all 4 classes as you dedicate yourself to the learning process
4. An opened mind and a loving heart

Each week you will be given a homework assignment as we strengthen each Clair that was worked on that week. You will need to journal your own experiences as a learning tool for yourself as your strengths are revealed to you. During this 4 weeks together you will begin to see where you feel more comfortable working as a medium. You will gain an understanding as the channel as you are pushed out of our own comfort zone to allow yourselves to learn what works best for you as a reader.
Patty looks forward to teaching those during this 4 week series as you allow yourselves to develop on a deeper level and build on what already is in place.

$160.00 for 4 week enrollment$45.00 for single classes