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Signs, Signs everywhere are Signs-5 Week Progressive Class-Medium Patty Horton

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

• Have you every asked for a sign and then it appeared?

• Have you ever seen something in nature and knew intuitively that this was a sign just for you?

• Have you heard a song on the radio or found a coin at your feet as the signs from our loved ones make their presence known? The signs are everywhere if only we can learn to pay attention to them but it doesn’t stop there.

• Are you curious about how to recognize signs from your own team of guides and teachers in the spirit world and wonder what they might mean?

• Would you like to understand the meaning behind colors?

•  Would you love to be able to interpret the signs given to you through the gift of clairvoyance as each sign becomes multifaceted?

This 5 week progressive class will walk us through the signs in our everyday life. From there we will move onto the signs from our loved ones in the spirit world followed up by working with the signs from your own spirit guides and teachers.  Over the next 5 weeks we will be spending time together tuning in and building upon your own dictionary of symbolism. This will be a way for you to enhance your communications through your own direct link. You will see that what may be symbolic and mean one thing for one person will not necessarily apply to your own direct guidance and I will teach you why this is so.

This 5 week class will take away the myth of what works for one will also work for you as you begin to understand your own guidance and allow simplicity to lead the way during our time together.

As a Medium I will be sharing my own unique experiences from a perspective of symbolism along with giving to each of you direct guidance as I share the wisdom from my own spirit team during our time together. Not only will you begin to build your own dictionary of symbolism you will also work on understanding how one symbol can become multifaceted, you will gain a greater understanding and interpretation of the colors that you see, along with allowing your guides and teachers to lend a hand in understanding what it is they are trying to convey to you and more.

This class is for the psychic, the reader, the medium, the healer, the intuitive and even the novice as it will give you a greater understanding of your own connection to your team of guides that work directly with you on a daily basis.
This class will be fun and interactive as you will be guided into deep states of meditation and have an opportunity to deliver messages to others within the group through the symbols that you see as you learn to embrace your own true divinity. You will walk away with a greater understanding of how all of this works and why it is important to understand your own guidance if you are to step forth and deliver a message to anyone be it a friend, family member or a client. As a messenger, it is important for you to understand the symbolism and what your own guidance is delivering to you in order for those on the receiving end of a message to understand what is being delivered to them.

Please join me as we have some fun together building a bridge between two worlds as you are opened to the language that is spoken through the symbolism given.

What you will need for class:·  A journal to write within, please do not show up for class without it!!!

• An opened mind and a loving heart

• The ability to work together in a group setting

• Each week you will be given a homework assignment

Week #1 - November 14th Signs in nature and our everyday lives. This is the week is where we learn how to become more aware of what is being given and how we can apply the sign or symbolism to our everyday lives. We will also be discussing the signs from our loved ones in the spirit world and how they communicate with us.

Week #2 - November 28th Color symbolism. We are bestowed with the ability to see color and for each us it is good to have a common understanding of what the colors mean. You will work with the colors you might see in nature and within the auric field around people. We will talk about how each color resonates with us and our own common understanding of the colors seen and given.

Week #3 - December 12th Symbolism from the Spirit World. During this week, we will be working with the symbolism that we see with our clairvoyant sight. We will dive deep into the theater of the mind’s eye and open the window for the images to flow through. This week we will work with gaining information for ourselves and our peers in the classroom as we explore our own symbolism given. We will talk a bit about common themes behind some of the common symbols we all see yet find a deeper level of personal understanding around them.

Week #4 - December 26th This week we will work with how one symbol can become multifaceted. It is important to know that you must expand on what is given to gain a deeper understanding of what we are interpreting. This is where the reader will learn to expand their own vocabulary as the reading process evolves for them.

Week #5 - January 9th This is where we allow all that we have learned in the form of symbolism to be delivered to the sitter as you do readings for your peers within the classroom. You will engage all of your senses and allow the symbolism to become the leader of the band as the signs are given, received and delivered.