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Certified Leadership - Teacher Program

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

Do you want to lead? Have you always loved Teaching? Do you have a class in mind that you would love to put together and teach somewhere? Do you have a desire to hold your own group of like-minded people?  Or would you like to know more about being a Leader in your own private life. Whatever the desire, you have an opportunity with this program to create a more positive YOU!

This 6 week program supports you in learning the skills and tools you need to be an effective  "Leader and Teacher". 

* Self-Awareness – Teacher Know Thyself

* The Language of Leaders – Learn how Leaders communicate with ease

* Listening to Learn – Effective Listening Skills make the difference

* Creating a Class Curriculum – Step by Step-Beginning, Body and Closure

* Group Dynamics – How to Lead a Group with Ease

* Marketing Your Message – Proven Methods of Marketing for the Money

June has developed many programs and classes, which she has taught for the past 50 years. Her knowledge of self and how to communicate with students is the foundation for her class. She is aware of the Language that is most effective in relating information to the student. She knows that listening skills are pertinent to a powerful leadership/teacher role and will teach the process of this important skill. She understands and teaches how to create a great curriculum to benefit both the student and teacher. Her knowledge of Leadership/ Management skills with groups and students is invaluable. June teaches with humor and heartfelt realism to draw the student into the wonderment of learning.

Join June as she prepares you for your role of Leader and Teacher.

 * Send your Name, Address, Phone number and Emailto when you sign up for this class. June will send you a list of supplies needed for your first class.