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Pyramids and their Mysteries...Igor will take you on a journey of information

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

Is knowing information about Pyramids a fascination that you have held since you were little. Are you wondering if you are a reincarnated Egyptian? Does the energy from the Pyramids call to you? Would you like to know so much more? Then this is the class for you.

Pranic channels and pyramids

Discover the close relationship of pranic currents of human body and pyramids   Experience the healing of  sonic energy based on the pyramidal design.

Learn with Igor a Teacher and Expert on the pyramid and it's power. Learn about the energy that comes from the pyramids and the meaning of them. Where are they and who built them? Are there more than we even know about? Why are they here. 

Learn about ley lines and the meaning of the numbers that are found in the architecture of all pyramids. Learn about the sounds coming from pyramids found all around the world.