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Meet the Clairs with Medium Patty Horton Clairaudience

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

Clairaudience is your ability to hear and understand spirit's voice during a reading or for self when communicating with the spirit world.

This is the time when you will tune in with your listening ears and allow the words to make their presence known. During your time together Patty will assist you in understanding the ability to hear what is being spoken to you as you communicate with those in the spirit realm. 

Yes, you may be wondering is this all in my head or am I really hearing these things within my own mind? Have you ever experienced hearing your name being called when no one is there? This is all clairaudient abilities and the spirit world trying to get your attention. Hello!!!! Can you hear me?

This will be a fun and interactive class where you get to work on the development of your own clairaudient abilities and understand where you may already be doing the work as you gain a deeper understanding in your own abilities.

What to expect from this Class
1. Understand what it means to be Clairaudient
2. Guided imagery through a meditative state
3. Gathering information for yourselves and others
4. Practical exercises with your peers in the classroom

What you will need for Class
1. A journal to write within
2. An open mind and a loving heart
3. A willingness to learn together as a group

All levels are welcomed to the classroom. As you will see Patty teaches in a down to earth style which is easy to understand. Her philosophy is to keep it simple, this is how the spirit world has encouraged her teach. It is from this platform that all souls are fed from her own place of knowledge.