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Pyramids and their Mysteries with Robert Novak

What Needs to be Spoken? What Needs to be Transformed?


An interactive meeting with the group sharing what needs to be specifically spoken and transforming what presents itself to be transformed for all in attendance.


Integrating in the evening will be openings and aha moments shifting awareness and your potentials including upgrades to your DNA and physicality.


Robert will also share the increased awareness and upgrades received on his recent trip to Egypt.


Plus, all in attendance will receive a free copy of his book, The Spirituality of Success.



Robert G. Novak is an inspiring teacher, author, speaker, destiny oracle, and Yuen Method master and instructor. Robert’s most profound work is opening and aligning a person more to their divine nature and their sacred destiny. Robert has the unique ability to pinpoint the answer that energetically, emotionally, and spiritually moves a limiting factor improving and progressing one’s life, one that can bring forth resolution to many symptomatic life struggles, even to one’s physical pains to the astonishment of doctors, and himself, at times.


Robert conducts two weekly teleseminars, “The Continuous Evolution of You” and “Yuen Method Success Integration and Awareness Training.” Robert is also a featured teacher and healer monthly on Conscious Talk Radio.