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The Spiritual Man a Master Class with Medium Patty Horton

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 N. Park Ave Lombard, IL (map)

For ages, men have been known to be the backbone of the household and the person dedicated to holding things together. Men are known to be the breadwinner, the logical thinker and most importantly known to their families as the Rock of Gibraltar. The man of the house will carry upon his shoulders the weight of the world and at times will dig deep within himself to find a way through the obstacles before him in a Hercules fashion.

In Greek mythology, Hercules was considered a demi-god who had incredible strength and stamina. Throughout the 20th Century men had taken the forefront in the World and it was the Piscean Age which empowered them with its very masculine energy. Most of the World’s Leaders are men who govern large countries or bodies of people. Even in religion men seem to be the figureheads who are making the decisions for all the congregation.

The question remains, how do men fit into the world of spirituality?
This class is all about finding a way to exude your spiritual heart and maintain your masculine energy. It is about tapping into that feminine aspect of balance and not losing the male aspect of self. It is about understanding who you are on a spiritual level.

What you will learn in this Class is:
1. Understanding the spiritual man
2. Exploring the right-side of the brain
3. Balancing out the masculine with the feminine
4. How to navigate both aspects of self and maintaining who you are
5. Embracing your own spirituality
6. The exploration of guided meditation

The word “Spiritual” encompasses the aspect of the human spirit, the soul essence which is the polar-opposite of materialistic matters which most men are driven by. This class is about understanding the “Spiritual Man” in the 21st Century as we navigate its infancy. It is about finding a balance in your own lives yet maintaining the strength of Hercules.

This class is for the men who want to dive deeper into the spiritual aspect of self.


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