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Developing your psychic abilities - Class 3

  • The Gathering Lighthouse 26 North Park Avenue Lombard, IL, 60148 United States (map)

In this class, I will teach you a different way of connecting with your spiritual guides. I will use guided meditations to connect you to your spiritual guides to help you gain clarity in these areas:

1. Where are you on your spiritual journey
2. What might be holding you back in your journey forward
3. Cleansing yourself from emotions/thoughts/energy that no longer serve you
4. What is your next step.

Please keep an open mind and know that you will only get what you are ready to receive from your spirit guides.

This class is open to all levels.
Discover messages from your spiritual guides by using different techniques that will allow you to tap into the universal mind.

This workshop will teach techniques for fine tuning your listening skills so that you can really start to hear, see and read what your soul is saying. Learn how to use automatic writing, telepathy and picture reading to improve your ability to make decisions, sharpen your intuition, and gain guidance and messages from your soul. Develop your empathic ability and learn how to read others energy field, bring messages for them and help them heal. We will learn ways in which to strengthen our connection to our inner voice and pay closer attention to what your soul is saying.

I have taught this class at relax 4 life and the feedback was very positive. During class, participants paired together and had the opportunity to apply the class lessons. Everyone was able to channel messages from the other person. Following the class, students expressed a desire to delve deeper into this topic and have more time to practice techniques and skills.

About me:
My psychic abilities began apparent when I was four years old. Over time I learned how to strengthen these abilities and read messages and feel the energy of others giving me the skills to be a strong teacher, mentor and guide, full of compassion and unconditional love.

Class facilitator: Ana Roussev